Amrit Atma

Thai Massage  Yoga  Sat Nam Rasayan


Kundalini Yoga since 1999
Sat Nam Rasayan since 2004
Thai Massage Certification

Amrit Atma is Biologist and M.S. in Molecular application to health sciences. Trained in Thai Massage in the line of Jīvaka Komarabhācca and Asokananda sutudent´s like Patrick Ingracia, Zoltan Gyrovics and others.

He learned with several teachers: Kundalini (Satya, Gurudas, Gurmukh, Shiv Charan) Hatha Yoga (with Mauricio Peña, Miguel Nieto, Dharma Mitra, Jñanadakini, Michel Gannon, Brigitte Logville, David Lurey, Twiggy Romero) and Sat Nam Rasayan with Gurudev Singh.

Sat Nam Rasayan 40€ 45 min.

Thai Massage  and SNR 80€ 90 min.

Whatsapp,  +34 698 636 469

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