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Acro and Thai in Canary Islands

I am available to give Thai Massage and Sat Nam Rasayan the last half of November in the Canary Islands. I´ll be in Tenerife until december then I go out but come back one month to La gomera to do my 11,000 repetitions of the Reman shabad during February

Im in the 1st Acro Kula Celebration in Tenerife. Mostly Friends and acroyoga teachers. Pepole start to arrive from diferent parts of the world. The views are magnificent and the place perfect for camping or stay in a comfortable room.

We have 3 slacklines, a beach volleyball court with fine smooth sand, a pool, jacuzzi, sauna and a lot of crazy acro junkies, great nature and rock climbing walls nearby.

Sergei Kaufman and Malte Weber from Hamburg organizes this magnificent event, Davide monti (great base) and Chiara Vitali (super flyer) from Italy and from Slovenia Tania Urankar and Ales Hern from Partner acrobatics famous far their weird washing machines are among the star teachers.

Thre are  two local comunities with a natural tendency to fly next to the beach all year long, one more south the other more north. Both are very nice but they find each other seldom, this is a magnificent oportunity to meet with international acro community. No doubt we will have a magnificent time.